• planning diagrams and preparing technical documentation
  • organizing proper materials, equipment and technical support


  • surveys / repairing and controlling the ship’s power supply and distribution system
  • services of the electrical and electronic systems and the navigating equipment
  • installing new electrical systems on a ship board and reconstructing of existing
  • surveys / overhaul of electrical engines, shaft generator and electrical generators
  • programming and the start-up


  • service easily accessible anywhere in the world
  • working during the voyage, charging the ship in the port and during the halts at the shipyard
  • adaptation of performed services to crew’s guidelines and the shipowner


The surveys and any type of overhauls are performed by our mobile group during the voyage, port loading or halts at the shipyard. Providing that it is necessary, we are able to get to you regardless of your location with the proper equipment, testing and measuring systems and also the replacement parts. Furthermore, we constantly cooperate with the other shipyards, shipowners, harbours, ship agents and all other entities strictly connected with maritime transport the whole world over.